About Us
Simseal is wholly Australian owned independent business specialising in the development, production and distribution of professional-grade construction sealants and adhesives.

Simseal partners with world-class manufacturing facilities and quality supply chains producing high-quality results from extensive research and development programs. 

Simseal ensures technical support, management and stringent quality controls of automated manufacturing processes with the consistency of high-quality products that meet or exceed international standards. 

With over 20 years of experience servicing Australasia’s joint sealing industry in both on-site joint sealing and sealant product development, Simseal’s significant capability in sealant technology development is tailored to the needs of the professional joint sealing market.

Simseal & its subsidiaries have partnered with major Australian organisations to support their sourcing requirements.

Private Label Product Development
Simseal’s in-house marketing team can develop your brand and label strategy at a fraction of the cost of an external agency. Label design, shipping quantities and barcoding to meet your requirements. Local packing and filling to save costs in freight and longer shelf life.
High-Quality Products
Leverage Simseal’s extensive range of ultra-premium silicone, modified silicone polymer, polyurethane construction sealants, gap sealants and high performance/architectural sealants to launch your own, full range brand.
Extensive Research & Development
Utilise Simseal’s extensive knowledge of the professional joint sealing market to ensure the right range of colours, quality and price points meet your unique customer needs. Our range of products have been tested and comply with Australian standards, ASTM and ISO certifications. 
Simseal delivers the highest grade sealant systems through an extremely efficient distribution model, ensuring maximised profitability for national distributors. Our work is based on ethical production standards, making our goal to follow the sustainable production guidelines in our daily activities.
Support and Technical Advice
Dedicated, 24-hour support through our national operations centre, including access to our professional technical sales and lab support. 

Product solutions tailored to the cost, quality and presentation format required by your customer base.

Field sales support to ensure your sales force is skilled and confident.

Environmental Products
Simseal provides sealants solutions that are environmentally friendly, non-hazardous and non-toxic. We care about our environmental footprint, therefore, we do our best to become the environmentally-friendly alternative, when it comes to choosing adhesive and sealing products
Our aim is to build mutually rewarding long-term partnerships with satisfied clients and customers.

Simseal supply all types of Sealants & Adhesive products. We provide high-quality bonding and sealing solutions to the following sectors:

  • Construction & Building

  • Cabinet & Hardware

  • Glazing Industry

  • Automotive Aftermarket (MRO)

  • Industrial & Transportation

  • Consumer Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

Contact: Shane Simmons

M: 0409 331 974

E: info@simseal.com.au

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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